Writing 201-Poetry- Sonnet- Past Present Or Future


Looking ahead, there lies a mystery
Turning back, there exists a history
Standing where we are, always looking to scurry
The hurry, to get by the day, in a hurry

Ignoring today, the day being, god sent
All  the while, not being present, in the present
This fascination for the unknown
Wins over the “Now”, totally blown

The fear and hope for tomorrow
Can never get back, today, to borrow
so, live as if, it’s your last
Ignoring all calls, from the future and the past

The urge to know, before time
Creates chaos, often, when not, in your prime



    • One needs to simply live each day without hankering about the past or worrying about the future. One will get there anyways. And if the job done today is excellent, then your tomorrow is also taken care of.Thanks for stopping by and appreciating my poem! Hope to see you here,more often .