Vows That Wow !


“Her desires are mine. Her wishes are mine. Should even the world stand against her, my blade will be at her side. And should it fail to protect her, let my own existence be forfeit.” – Ash”  ― Julie Kagawa, The Iron Queen


Which woman would not love the above vows? True love, that stands the tests of time, is built on strong vows. By strong I mean, vows that were taken when the couple first got together, and still continue, undaunted. It is said that, women are more emotional than men. This might be pure theory, as far as, some men are concerned. Vows are promises, which the couple makes, to each other. I remember my vows to my man, when we got married. It goes like this –

When the sun no longer shines
And obvious are the signs
I will wait till the rains subside
And always stay by your side

When the moment is not right
And all we do is fight
I will not in a hurry draw the line
And strive to make everything fine

When age catches us in the end
And we both can no longer bend
I will patiently support you
While you hold me ever as true

Needless to say, hubby was mighty excited to begin the journey right away, without waiting for me to finish. He was in for a pleasant shock, when I drew out another list from my heart. This one was about, what I wanted from him. Now, he did not expect this. He put on a brave front and read it aloud –

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When youth dances in our dreams
Make it a reality regardless of what it seems
For the suppleness and adaptability is high
When the age is just right

When you accompany me on my shopping sprees
Do not just mechanically freeze
At the thought of the ordeal
Instead make it appear enjoyable

If I were to put on weight
Write it off under your love and care
For a few pounds more
Would be equal to your snores

Motivate me to exercise
Helping me regain my original size
Under no circumstances laugh or jeer
Let me make this very clear

When your darling mother takes potshots at me
Do not behind her apron, flee
Stand up and take the right side
Otherwise do not witness the fight

I love it when we cook as a team
The best way to let off steam
After a hard day at work
At this, do not smirk

Take me on long drives
With me, watching the romantic skies
Be my friend, partner and guide
And nothing from me, ever hide

Pamper me silly
And I’ll never give you a cause for worry
For you inhabit my soul
My life whole

I know it’s not easy to be a man
The same goes for a woman
For my dear, the story of love
Was written by HIM above
So little, I ask of you
For a lifetime of bliss
Come let’s seal these vows true
With a soul lifting kiss

“Whew!”  This was his immediate reaction, upon reading my “small innocent” list. My heart was beating fast, as I waited with bated breath for his response. Instead of saying anything, he just pulled me close to him, in a tight embrace and sealed both sets of Vows with a Kiss! 


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