The Hunt for Pirate Blackbeard’s Lost Treasure


Children are fascinated by stories. Wide eyed and all ears, they listen to the story being narrated, very keenly. They are transported to an imaginary world immediately, living amidst the characters of the story.

It was a pleasant surprise, when I came across the Colgate Magical Stories pack. My younger son, Eshan was super excited as he cut open the wrappers of the new colgate toothpaste packs and formed a story, which I am about to share with you.


There was a beautiful kingdom called The Coral Reef under the sea. It was inhabited by mermaids, dolphins, crabs, sharks, killer whales, lion fishes, sea turtles, sea horses and more. The coral Reef was famous for hidden treasures and pirates sailed the seas hunting for them. On one occasion, a pirate by the name of Blackbeard was sailing on the coral Reef, when he encountered a shipwreck. Unfortunately, his loot was lost and he was very sad. He had accumulated the collection after a long time and was not about to let it go, without putting his best efforts on finding it.


A pretty mermaid was passing by when she heard Blackbeard wail loudly. Upon enquiring, she found that he was really upset. She decided to help him find the treasure as she lived in the coral Reef and was familiar with each nook and corner of the place. A female pirate by the name of Sadie volunteered to help them and soon the three of them set out in search of the lost treasure.


As the coral Reef was a magical kingdom, the sea animals albeit two were friendly and did not obstruct their search. The killer whale and sharks did their best to harm the trio but the mermaid managed to dodge them and escaped with the two pirates. After a while, the trio found the treasure in a secluded area surrounded by greenery, deep in the sea. The pirates had to use their swords to cut away the greens and pull out the treasure chest. Elated, a thankful Blackbeard conveyed his gratitude to the mermaid and the lady pirate, Sadie. Happily he waved a white flag, got into a rescue ship and was soon on his way back home.

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Given the busy schedule these days, it had been ages since Eshan had let his imagination fly. This opportunity gave him the necessary stimuli to weave a story and he thoroughly enjoyed himself while narrating the story to me. I must mention here, that for once, after a long time, I sat spell bound, rooted to the spot and engrossed in his tales.

Stories educate children in many ways. They improve children’s reading, writing, analytical, reasoning and communication skills. It is a well known fact that unless you read, you cannot write well. The emotional quotient of the children increases and empathy improves.  Some stories have a motto in the end, which facilitate learning right behaviours and skills. In my case, being a writer has been a bonus, as my children always find me reading and writing. This has motivated them.

Good Communication is a must to make a mark in any field at any age. Story telling sessions are being made mandatory in many schools in the curriculum itself. This is a positive step in the educational field and we can see the benefits already.

Thank you Colgate Magical Stories for this fun story telling session between Eshan and me. So, parents do not wait any longer, buy the new Colgate toothpaste packs and create magic with your children.

A well woven story
Of happiness and glory
Inspires many
To embark on a successful journey

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