The Cold Blooded View



“I can’t get the image out of my head.”  The movie, which we had been looking forward to watch since a long time, had commenced with an accident. Now, an accident is not uncommon these days. What triggered my thoughts, had been the image of the old man crushed under the car. I broke into cold sweat as the memories flooded me.

How long had it been since that ill fated night? Barely a month or so. It was a Saturday and we had gone to the club as usual. As we were returning back, my kids asked us to stop the car near a shop as they wanted to buy a bottle of water. As we waited for them, tired and sleepy, being quite late, we spotted a car coming from the opposite direction quite slowly. We assumed that either the driver was a novice in driving or was probably intoxicated and we quickly looked away.

Soon, the car came up right next to us and the driver was struggling to move even by an inch! This caught our attention and my husband who was driving and was on the same side as that of the other car, looked closely at the driver and the reason why the car was not able to move forward. As I was sitting in the co-drivers seat, all I could see, was that the driver was accelerating the car but the car was being pushed back despite all efforts. Now, I assumed that he was trying to go past a speed breaker unsuccessfully.

Suddenly, my husband exclaimed loudly, “Don’t look that side, turn your face away immediately!’‘ Half sleepy, but every bit curious, I sat up and tried to look that side, but my husband pushed me away at once. Even as the kids were getting into the car, my husband started the car and sped away. I turned back immediately straining, to find the reason for this commotion, when my husband announced slowly, “There is an old man, dead under that car, who probably must have been run over by the driver and he does not know about it.”

And then the cold blooded view was right before us.  We found a trail of blood originating from, what seemed like around 100 metres away from the spot where the car was stuck at present. My husband had seen the face of the old man which had made the impact even more stronger. There was absolute silence in the car as we drove back. The kids were too horrified to react as they had seen the whole act, from the shop where they were, when the car drew up next to ours.

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The driver seemed anxious but not tensed. Did he know about the dead old man under his car? Had he been trying to escape after his car had hit the old man? Why did he not get down to figure out the reason, which was stopping his car from moving forward? These are some blood chilling questions which have been racing in our minds ever since that incident. The answers to which, are unknown till today.

“This incident, has been seen from such close quarters, that I can’t get the image out of my head!!”

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