The only thing that people crave for 24 hours and still wanting more If only they understood its value Life would suggest more avenues A thought can reverse or progress action Why not utilise it to your satisfaction An achievement is a matter of great pride Time gives you more if you choose not to [...]


The Incomplete Letter

The incomplete letter still lies there, On the first page of her dairy. Her thoughts aim for nowhere Confused between practicality and theory Oh but for her drenched emotions Dressed up with borrowed notions One that cannot be sent Maybe just right to vent What would happen to the words Written with the hope of [...]


Time that has gone by Cannot be turned back Which, when, wasted, makes you cry For something that you may lack Appreciate each moment Else you may lament Living in your past Missing something, that could not last Explore your today with care In your considerations, be fair For, time, that is lost Bears, a [...]