All That Was, Stays

Who says, it all ends when one person leaves Love has two threads that it affectionately weaves The connect remains even after the bond breaks Some lessons are not mistakes You may not be around That need not astound As you live in the heart Never to part Go on, my love Soar high We [...]



It took a decade to place her stakes And she did whatever it takes To find the lost stranger close to her heart With the hope, never to part One sunny morning, found them together Just to realise, they never knew one another Dreams were afloat, in the mind The hearts locked safely behind As [...]

Second Chance

Somethings are just meant for the eyes No ifs, buts and no whys It simply exists The feelings persist One look from you And I can sense home A place true Where feelings roam Remain this way Never change For this has come to stay Well within our range Kavita Panyam

Roving Eyes

For a little flavour and excitement To set the wild tone People indulge in encroachment And land up in areas unknown Only to be shown the door soon Their wish no longer a boon Losing out on more Important relationships turning sore With little chance The future looking bleak There ends the romance With nothing [...]