“I Am Like This Only” – How to Deal With Such people

You are just back from a social gathering and your mind is heavy. Sometimes meeting relatives can be a source of pain and discomfort, even it is after ages. Some people never cease to fire at the slightest of opportunities. This gathering has been on your mind since a couple of weeks and you have [...]


An Exceptional Life – A Story That Has Touched Millions Worldwide

Exceptional isn't something you work at. It is what you already are! If the life that has gone,has been like music, full of sweetness, full of concords, richness, delicacies and truth, then there are two ways to look at it, One is to say.” I have not lost it.” Another is to say ” Blessed [...]

It’s My Blogs Sixth Month Anniversary Today!

I have always loved writing, from my childhood! Be it poems, slogans, short stories and more. The thrill of presenting the written piece to my parents, teachers and friends was unbeatable. The happiness whenever I received an appreciation was unmatched. Technology was not that strong back then and slowly my passion faded. Reading was another [...]