Knocks From The Past

It is not uncommon for an individual to have a past. Most people are living with excess baggage and cluttered emotions. As a counseling Psychologist, I am often confronted with questions related to the past. One bright sunny morning, a young girl walked into my office and we began the session. She had met an [...]



A whiff of that familiar scent And the tears are all spent The yesteryears bring up memories Amidst an empty treasury What could have been Is just a thought A thread weak Discarding a battle of futility fought The other half Is a question mark Fueled by false notions Scarred and numb sensations Kavita Panyam


The spate of ill will Pushing  life to a still Each day the intensity varies One begins to doubt the magical fairies The wish for the finish becomes urgent The journey never ending With miracles awaited godsent The faith not dwindling Is there an end to this at all After withstanding fall after fall One [...]


A form of struggle With too much to juggle Sometimes, offering no respite Long suffering, despite Acceptance, of the pain keeps one sane Providing a breakthrough With efforts, new Realize that God's will Is there for a purpose Where, all your efforts stand still With learnings, surplus His will is for your best Treat it [...]


Total chaos in the mind This pain, I wish, I could leave behind Years of intense struggle Whilst, trying my best to juggle There comes a time When you tire of the climb Feeling totally dejected For being subjected Is there, to this, an end For, no more, I can fend Tired and defeated Dear [...]