The Back Of Beyond Beckons

Sometimes, the need to withdraw within is a must In order to repair the inner crust The layer that soaks in experiences Protecting your core from disturbances The retreat is a welcome change to a parched soul That longs desperately to turn whole Some time away from routine Does a lot of good to a [...]



Endless restlessness in the body and soul Anticipating distress in a wider role Befriending courage has never been tougher Trying not to go under the weather A matter of a few hours Will be a thing of the past Soon there would be happy showers Of peace that would last


Another day, a new morning As the night bids goodbye The constant yearning For keeping my peace, gives me a high New plans take shape As from life, there is no escape To constantly work towards betterment Is the only fulfilment Just once, you walk this earth As this person known as, you Ignore the [...]