Beyond Horizons

If only I could tell you again How much you mean That life has not been the same Ever since you went on to be The void never seems to fill despite Yet, enough strength left to fight Battles and challenges You send me the courage endless Just once, is all I need To show [...]


Deadly Knocks

Been long since his memories had been towed Fear had a voice with many echoes Yesterday once more, raised its ugly head Why couldn't memories be buried instead He had crept into a broken heart stealthily And had sealed the bruises lovingly Slimy and gooey, the ends came off too soon A rebirth was to [...]


A whiff of that familiar scent And the tears are all spent The yesteryears bring up memories Amidst an empty treasury What could have been Is just a thought A thread weak Discarding a battle of futility fought The other half Is a question mark Fueled by false notions Scarred and numb sensations Kavita Panyam