To God

When I asked god Why me His voice was cold I could feel He wanted me to accept it all Graciously rise and fall But foolish me thought I was wise He soon cut me down to my size Kavita Panyam


A Short Prayer

When the path ahead seems tough And the journey feels rough May your divine love shine upon me Setting my apprehensions free Halfway through, when my feet remain planted On the ground, refusing to move May your strength lead me undaunted Allowing the lessons through Just before I attain my goal Never let me forget [...]

The Seeker

Who says that, only the meek Seek The lords blessings For, there are many who need, dressings Does that make them one Under the sun Living under one sky And yet, they spy In greed For abundance Then, god does not, lead For, grace is not bestowed in a single instance Perseverance is the key [...]

I wonder

Amazing is the grace With absolutely no trace And yet, he holds the hand His presence, like a magic wand Sometimes, it is required To face life ,with the skills, acquired It's a test, to sense our capability To understand the workings of the divinity When you accept his will There is peace Nothing seems, [...]