Light in Darkness

When someone has been bruised long enough With them don't be rough Show a little kindness, some love Allow them to regain in life, trust An already broken soul can only come together again Cannot further deteriorate No matter what lies today Tomorrow shall surely resuscitate So bring it on Know that they are strong [...]


An Exceptional Life – A Story That Has Touched Millions Worldwide

Exceptional isn't something you work at. It is what you already are! If the life that has gone,has been like music, full of sweetness, full of concords, richness, delicacies and truth, then there are two ways to look at it, One is to say.” I have not lost it.” Another is to say ” Blessed [...]


Let your hopes continue to shine Believe that everything will turn out fine For after struggle there comes a release If you only allow your faith to increase When the road ahead is not visible Do not fathom darkness and trouble May your courage overcome all the fear Making your future seem positively clear