Friends for Life- You and Me

A single rose can be my garden... a single friend, my world - Leo Buscaglia. Life is one long journey with turbulent turns and fantastic upturns. And when you have a gang of friends or just one special friend, life becomes all the more colourful. Friendship is like a flower, that needs to be nurtured constantly [...]


An Interview with Dancer – Shama krishna

Noted classical dancer/model/actress Shama Krishna, answers the following questions, in an exclusive interview with us.  Tell us about your childhood and when and how you developed an interest in dance/acting/modelling? A: Being an only daughter to my parents, I have always received undivided attention from them. It was my mother’s love for dance that led [...]

An Interview with Renowned Singer – Ramya Vasishta

In an exclusive telephonic interview with us, celebrity singer Ramya Vasishta answered the following fun questions. What was your childhood like? A: My childhood was a very happy one. I belong to Shimoga, the green belt of the Sahayadri region, also known as the literary region of Karnataka. My formative years were spent in and [...]