Musings On Life Turns One……..Happy 1 Year Blogging Anniversary

This is the day I have been waiting for, the whole of last year! Birthdays and Anniversaries are fun and highly emotional.I have always loved writing, from as far I can remember! As a kid in grade four, I was already a voracious reader and the school library soon outgrew me. Writing was the next [...]


It’s My Blogs Sixth Month Anniversary Today!

I have always loved writing, from my childhood! Be it poems, slogans, short stories and more. The thrill of presenting the written piece to my parents, teachers and friends was unbeatable. The happiness whenever I received an appreciation was unmatched. Technology was not that strong back then and slowly my passion faded. Reading was another [...]

Blogoversary – My First Month Blogging Anniversary

Celebrations do not need any reasons as such! You can celebrate life itself. When you wake up every morning and feel thankful for another day to improve your life. Isn't it? I have seen people who celebrate the smallest of occasions. A celebration, is different from partying. You may party simply because you are bored, but occasions are celebrated in different [...]