My Magical Trip to Space


A child can teach an adult three things:
To be happy for no reason

To always be curious
To fight tirelessly for something:
Paulo Coehlo

Children are known for their unique questions on life and even more for their mind boggling answers. Routine bores them and they are constantly on the lookout for some or the other excitement and adventure. My younger son Eshan is an all rounder at 10 years as he has a number of hobbies in which he excels and is good in academics as well. Colgate toothpaste is what he wakes up to and goes to bed after. He loves watching space oriented movies and really enjoyed watching Hindi flicks like Koi Mil Gaya in which there was an alien by the name of Jadoo.

So when the opportunity to weave a story came by from Colgate, Eshan was only too happy to participate. Here is the Colgate Magical story woven by him and presented by me.

I had finished watching my favourite movie based on Aliens and had gone to bed with the story on my mind. I imagined visiting space and meeting aliens over there. The life of an astronaut always intrigued me and I would look up every detail about their life on the internet. Was their space suit very heavy? Was there provision to breathe after wearing these heavy suits? How did astronauts work in space? What were space stations? Oh how I longed to spot a UFO.

As sleep embraced me, I was soon transported into space. I was travelling in high speed and came across a comet, also known as “dirty snowballs”. I was fascinated by the view and wanted to explore more. As I went a little ahead, I came across a Rover and was absolutely spell bound as I could not have asked for more at this point of time. When I got into the rover I found a space suit of the right size, as if it were designed for me. I wore it and then the real journey began when I was taken to a space station where I found an astronaut. My happiness knew no bounds and I went on to greet him excitedly. I had to pinch myself to believe that all this was  happening really but the space suit was proof enough.

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 I was informed by the astronaut that a space suit weighed 127 kg with 13 layers of material. That kind of weight would have asphyxiated anyone on earth. He went on to say that astronauts were trained to work without gravity in space. So that explained the effortless  manner in which they worked! The astronaut sensed that I craved more information. He smiled and continued imparting knowledge about space to me. Space stations allowed them to live and work in earth’s orbit. I could not help but stare in awe at the interiors of the rover for it was breathtakingly beautiful.

As we were talking I spotted a huge ball of flickering lights at some distance. My jaw dropped in delight and I let out a scream of delight at the wondrous sight. The astronaut confirmed my suspicions, saying that we had just spotted a UFO!! I was ecstatic and could not hide my bewilderment anymore for I was now looking out for aliens! And Lo, one of them popped out of the door, looked at either side and went back in. I wanted to meet him and asked the astronaut to go closer to the UFO. He was only to happy to oblige and as we neared the UFO, lights began to flicker faster and a strange sound emitted from it as if alerting the aliens of our arrival.

The same alien came out and upon spotting our rover, gestured at us to come closer. I could not believe what I had just seen. As we reached the entrance of the UFO, we were welcomed by him and ushered inside warmly. The alien was the captain and he was very warm and friendly. He took us on a tour of the UFO and explained everything in detail. He was kind enough to offer us refreshments which looked totally alien to me. They would be, after all it was an alien that was offering it. The food and drinks were flying in mid air and I was finding it tough to hold onto them. The alien assured us that they were edible and we took the first bite off the green gooey jelly sandwich and could not stop eating after that. The drink was blue in colour and transparent and I went right ahead and tasted it. To my surprise both the items had no taste and yet left me clamouring for more.

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Soon we bade farewell to the alien but only after I had managed to take a selfie with him. We resumed our journey and saw a bright long object going upwards in great speed. It left a trail of fire behind it. The astronaut informed me that I had just seen a rocket! I was awestruck. The astronaut added that a rocket at lift off exerts more power than 13000 train engines. Wow!

As we went further we spotted a few planets of the solar system. The study of the solar system was one of my favourites and here I was, actually seeing the planets. Venus, Mars and Saturn had caught my attention and the astronaut was kind enough to describe their features quite elaborately. So planet Venus rotates in the opposite direction to most other planets. Planet Saturn’s rings are made of ice, rocks and dust while planet Mars is known as the “red planet.” It has iron oxide on its surface. How wonderful would it be if all students could witness and gather information this way.

As we were nearing Earth, I could sense that my visit to space was coming to an end. When the rover stopped at Earth, I thanked the astronaut for his time and valuable information and took leave from him with a heavy heart. I could hear sounds at a distance and soon felt someone stroking my back gently. My eyes flew open and I found my mother before me. She reminded me that I was getting late for school and I scrambled out of bed and dashed to the washroom.

As I boarded my school bus, I was still lost in thoughts about my space travel. It had all seemed so real but I did not share this with any of my friends as I had decided to record all the information in my precious diary. This would be my best diary entry and who knows, I might enter it into a competition someday and win the contest!

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