My lifeline, My laugh Line : D – Humour Keeps Relationships Alive


“Years from now, I can picture us still laughing together, still holding hands, and still completely in love….just like we are now”. Anonymous


A walk down the memory lane often leaves one with an overdose of sentiments.  Love and laughter both put together, make for a great relationship. Laughter seals the love while love feels the laughter. I still remember that day, it was 17 November 1997. I had just joined a new office and was every bit nervous as it was my first job. Head held high and mustering up enough courage to stop looking like a bundle of nerves, I walked into the office. After the introductions and induction, I was led to my work station. The feeling of pride almost made me choke on my coffee, that was offered by a colleague.

It was this colleagues birthday, the week after I had joined. Soft spoken, helpful, polite and more importantly, calm, that’s how D (the same colleague) was. I was just beginning to take note of him, without realizing, that he had already reserved a spot for me, in his life, that is. Every birthday was celebrated at office and this was a first for me, so I was naturally curious. D came in the evening dressed to the hilt with an attractive cake. Upon seeing me, he smiled into my eyes warmly and before I could reciprocate, I heard a loud sound and D was suddenly not visible. I quickly looked down, to find him on the floor, trying to assemble the artificial plant he had accidentally knocked over, in his excitement. I burst into laughter, as I watched him put back all the stones into the pot, very patiently. He began to laugh too, when the plant refused to stand, as it was bent now. He cut the cake amidst the loud birthday song chorus that we all sang for him, blushing all the while. Just as I was thinking of the happenings, he came forward and offered the first slice to me. I was embarrassed and asked him to offer the same to our boss. The boss had been watching the drama all the while, with no expression whatsoever on his face, when D innocently offered him the same slice. What followed was even more hilarious, the slice of cake slipped from D’s butter fingers and fell on the ground…..plopppp! It had got stuck. Being a pastry, it just wouldn’t come off the ground. I did my best to control my laughter, as I watched D’s struggle with the pastry. The boss had had enough by now, so he left citing something urgent. 😀

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Soon, we became good friends. On one occassion, a few of us from the office, had gone to watch a movie. D kept staring at me right from the beginning, he simply refused to watch the movie. Just as I was trying to hide, from his piercing eyes on me, we heard a loud sound..Thuddd! Then, we heard loud screams and cries from the same row, just a few seats away from us and the back row. Shock of all shocks, a lady had fallen with her infant from the top row(box) of the theater onto the lower row, where another colleague was seated. Apparently, she had been trying to soothe her crying baby and had accidentally sat on the railing with the baby, when they both toppled over onto our row, below. The commotion that followed, saw the movie being stalled for a while. Our group came out shocked and within minutes, we burst into peals of laughter. Never had we witnessed such an incident! 😀

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Three years later, we were married, D and I. During the marriage ceremony, there is a mock ritual, wherein the bride and the groom are required to prove their superiority. This game consists of a vessel filled with milk, water and rose petals. The wedding ring is dropped into it. Then, both the groom and the bride are asked to put their hands into the vessel together, to fish out the ring. The person who gets the ring first, is said to have a dominant hand in the marriage. The basic idea, is to give the newly married couple, a first romantic touch. It is expected, that the couple blushes beet red and takes their own sweet time to produce the ring, all the while their hands playing in the vessel. And so, the vessel with the ring in it, was placed in front of us. Barely had the green signal been given, when D’s hand plunged into the vessel, with such force that the liquid splashed onto the face of the priest who was performing the marriage and a few others who were seated in close proximity, to us. Before the dumbstruck audience could lower their raised eyebrows,  D pulled out his hand with the ring, from the vessel, with an even more greater force, which flung the ring, far into the audience seated ahead, below the stage. The hunt for the ring began frantically and a good couple of minutes later, D’s eldest sister- in- law found the ring. What followed immediately, was a loud outburst of laughter in the marriage hall. Everybody was amused at D’s impatience, that in his hurry to win, he had forgotten the true essence of the ritual. That’s my D, he has his own ways. 😀

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The next day we left for our honeymoon to Kodaikanal. Now, I have always been wary of traveling in the hilly areas, as the sharp turns leave me nauseous. We got off the train and took a cab to the hill. While going up the hill, I was so nervous, that I held my head in between my hands tightly and closed my eyes throughout the journey. D of course, was trying to be as helpful as he could. The breathtaking view of the hills and the chill weather, had him humming romantic numbers, while I remained clammed up. After a couple of blissful days, it was time to step into the real world again. I dreaded the journey back, from the hill to the station road. I ate a light lunch of plain dosa(Indian pancake), while my darling D gorged on egg noodles, followed by thick milky strong coffee. This was a weird combination of food and I was scared now. All seated with bag and baggage in the cab, the ordeal began. The driver switched on the stereo to comfort us. D was enjoying the Tamil( South Indian language) songs and was in bliss. The first sharp turn, saw him fidgeting in his seat. Uh Oh, something was wrong! D suddenly held his head, in between his hands tightly and closed his eyes. Amused, I thought to myself, so it was his turn now.  After we got off and once alone, we looked at each other and guffawed with laughter. I teased my glorious D, who had only moments before gallantly declared, that hilly terrains did not upset his bread basket (read tummy) 😀


Each day has something new unfolding, what with D and his inconceivable ways. Fifteen years into our marriage and darling D is still the same if not better. Love makes the marriage strong, but it’s laughter which makes it last long. I could write more, but the place would be insufficient. As I write this piece, there is a smile on my lips :D. The nostalgic trip down the memory lane, has made me fall, more in love with my lifeline, D!

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Oh, and by the way, did I introduce you to D? Meet my Pride and Joy, my husband Dinesh 😀


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