Music- My Respite


“Without music, life would be a mistake.” ― Friedrich Nietzsche, Twilight of the Idols.
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Music has the ability to bring life into the mundane. What is life without music? Music is more of a balm, a therapy for the tired self. People of all ages love music. It has many benefits. .

I have had the chance to learn the Guitar and Veena during my schooling years. I would rush back from school and immediately run off to the guitar class. The one hour that we spent there seemed out of the world. Our teacher Mr. Charles Srinivasan was a leading musician those days. As soon as I slipped into the chords and notes, there was nothing else, on my mind, to host. All the tensions of the day faded away. After the class, we would be relaxed and ready to tackle the rest of the day. During my college years, I had the opportunity to learn Veena. Those were wonderful years indeed.



I always find myself listening to music while doing any creative work. Be it household chores, gardening, cooking, cleaning  and the like. Even as I am writing this piece, I am listening to George Michael. So, how does it help? In my opinion, music has the following benefits-

# It relaxes you to the extent that you are recharged and ready to go.
# You enjoy your chores as you listen to the music and work eagerly.
# It breaks the monotony of work.
# You can deliver quality work.
#You can get more creative with music playing in the background.
#It is a stress buster.
#You work better and faster.
#It creates more enthusiasm in you.
# Can be a great source of inspiration.
#The mundane seems special.
#When life knocks you over, music lifts you up.
#Music bonds people, who otherwise have little in common.
# Singing boosts your confidence levels.
#Learning to play an instrument is very beneficial as it helps you channelize your energies.
#Psychologists use music therapy to foster healthy relationships and to bring harmony into one’s life.
#Music is a must to embrace life with all its phases.
# The list goes on……

I have enrolled my younger son into Carnatic vocal music classes. He has a great voice and is a budding singer. As I hear him croon, I can feel the tiredness leave me. Music has that ability to stir one’s soul. Meditation with peaceful music playing in the background aids in achieving the no thoughts stage, much faster. Even new born babies love music. I remember stocking up on Lullaby audio cds, when both my sons were born. The bonus was that I had come to learn those songs as well, which had became my stress buster.

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People of all ages
Including monks and sages
Find music indispensable
As it is the most dependable
Source of relaxation
This is no exaggeration 🙂


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  1. Great write-up. I listen to old songs – Hindi film music from 70’s and I sing and share on watsapp with my school friends I recently re-united. They not only remind us of our school days – they take you back to those times when the only think we talked about was 9p.m. TV serials on Doordarshan.