Life skills

In Love, Do Rise - Neither were you perfect nor me But it was there for all to see Short stint to boost your damp ego You let the heart in love grow
Your Handwriting Reflects Your Interest levels - “the beauty and nobility, the august mission and destiny, of human handwriting.” ― George Bernard Shaw, Pygmalion     When you see a person, you look at their face, features, voice, gauge their emotions and so on. Did you know that the handwriting has an emotion attached to it?  That it is quite possible for […]
A Pledge of Love - Would you walk with me Till the end of time Looking in the same direction as me Amidst love, peace and strife
Nothing Has Changed - It has been a while Since you left my side The days have not ceased The nights still breathe
Is Your Child Over Confident? - Raising a confident child is every parents dream. Many parents go out of their way to provide the best of resources, coaching and more to their children in their quest for raising confident children. There are kids that are very good at grasping whatever they set out to learn, but when it comes to expressing the same, they […]
A Song of Love - In the valley of roses and thorns There are some melancholic songs Waiting to be heard soulfully And attracting a soul mate, hopefully
How a Good Name is the Answer to Greater Success - A good name is rather to be chosen than riches. – King Solomon What’s in a name, you may feel? A name is just used to address someone. Why take the pains to choose a good name for your child? A good name is one which makes a person more confident to face the world. Imagine […]
Musings of the Heart - When people use the line ” let me think about it for some time and I’ll work out a way for us to be together again”, what they actually mean is ” listen sweets, during this time I’m gonna get rid of you without any hindrance from you”. So beware of this line….
Love or Lust - They like your face and body It’s just another story Nothing special for them Just a count from one to ten Beyond that exists the real you With feelings true Nay, they don’t care On a haunt one way Send them on another trip May their heart one day skip The feelings of love bloom […]

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