Life skills

Strange Love - They say love is blind It can sometimes be strange too One can with open eyes Find affection true
Sunrise By The Window Of My Soul - The dusk had been beautiful Carrying memories wonderful But I longed to let go For new memories to grow
Are You Overdoing the Gratitude Bit? - We all know that living in gratitude keeps us connected to the source of it all. It is said that one does not feel any lack when they express gratitude often. But did you know that gratitude can be overdone leading to a change in the attitude of the other person?
Seasonal Swings - Waves lash violently Drenched feet perform ablutions Rooted forever Kavita Panyam
Far, Yet Near - You’ve been away from some time Dulled has not the shine Life is still sweet and joyous The path comfortable, not arduous
All That Was, Stays - Who says, it all ends when one person leaves Love has two threads that it affectionately weaves The connect remains even after the bond breaks Some lessons are not mistakes
An Ode To The Exemplary Visionary – Dr. S Radhakrishnan - Into the blossom of the one great sea Flow streams that come from the hills on every side Change is the only permanent feel Taking life’s lessons in your stride
When You Went Away - It had been too perfect To call it true But now when I reflect There was always a lot to sew
Is Arranged Marriage an Arrangement Built On Deceit? - Today as I came across an article on open relationships (read marriages), I could not stop myself from commenting on it. The writer went on the defensive and began to indulge in personal attacks. Now, this is a portal about real life relationships which is a bold topic and the writers that contribute such pieces […]
If Only They Knew How Unloved We felt - It is said that grandparents shower double the love of our parents. Lucky are those grandchildren that have received this love from their grandparents. When I reflect back on the life spent with my grandparents, all I can see is a child, scared and unloved, longing to win the approval of both sets of her […]

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