I Write Because……


Writing is a passion for many and some are writers par excellence! I have always been a voracious reader since I was 8 years old. Writing was the obvious next step which saw me penning poetry from a tender age of 11. I would write everyday and soon it became my passion.

Back then, there was no platform as such to encourage writing. It was really tough to get your work recognized. My school did not have a school magazine then. So, my book of verses never saw the light of the day. During college, I resumed writing poetry and slowly I began to circulate them in my class. Some appreciated my lines, some laughed, but it certainly made me more interesting in their eyes. Now, they wanted to know me more! This exciting period continued with my work getting published in some reputed magazines In India like Woman’s Era etc. I started writing reviews in various magazines after this.

But one question which always had me pondering was, why did people write? What made them air their views? And why did people read work written by others? Strange, it seemed at that time. I remember the days in the hostel during my graduation. I was away from home for the first time. Terribly homesick and in blues. That’s when I began to write from the heart. A sense of sadness led to the flow of words and soon I began to write emotional stuff.

The real shocker in my life came with the deaths of my brother and father. I went into a shell and all writing ceased. For years I never wrote. The grief was unbearable. I then, began to seek answers as to why we are born, what is our life’s purpose? Why is sadness allotted to a selected few? This led to a period of intense reading and connecting with people who had seen grief. Finally, one fine day, I opened a chapter in my life, a new one, I began to write from the very depths I had evolved from. Time does not take away the pain, it’s just that one learns to accept things in a better way, with time.

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As I struggled with my grief for years, I did not notice the physical manifestations in the form of illnesses that I had been constantly battling with. Much later I understood the relationship between the two. Now, I must mention here, that I am a trained counseling psychologist by profession. But as they say, reading gives you knowledge while experience gives you a story. One, that you can share with others, which would inspire some, give hope to many and provide the fuel to hang on despite the odds. Many call it a day pretty soon and embrace depression and the likes. This is normal to an extent wherein your daily life is not hampered beyond repair.

As I write my story in the form of poetry and articles, I really hope and pray that it reaches it’s destination and the lost boats find their way back to the shore. As for the boats sailing safely, keep shining!

After all, you have one life, Live it well!!