I Had to leave


You were the first person I saw and felt
They say your eyes can melt
Pain and sorrow
Giving hope for tomorrow

I missed all that, do you hear
Your presence always dealt with fear
Of losing your physical presence
I always ignored the essence

You held no love for me
It was there for all to see
My heart screamed
As if in a dream

I longed for your comfort and touch
Love is such
All I got was a baggage
That forgot to age with age

I went about getting busy in living
Feebly trying
To overcome your impact
If only I had employed tact

But today has dawned
I hum a new song
One that does not stop at you
Cause you were never true

It’s time to leave, go far away
To embrace a brand new day
I need that time to recover
Hoping we meet never

Kavita Panyam