“What you seek is seeking you.” Rumi

This has always been my favourite quote. I have been fascinated to know how it works. And I did! It sends shivers down my spine when I think about how I realized this.

I had been quite ill three years back and it had taken me a lot of time to recover. This incident and the recovery part was always on my mind and on the tip of my tongue. I would proudly blurt out these details to all those that I met, thinking it would be an inspiration for them and myself. Little did I know what was to be….

About ten days back when I was, yet again, mouthing this glorious story of mine to a friend, I found myself with some sort of discomfort. And then it happened! From the very next day, I found myself with similar symptoms, out of the blue. No reason or so I thought. Medicines were not helping much. Scared and worried, I began to research more on the reasons, which scared me further.

A week flew past. No change. I then began to meditate with affirmations. During one such session, I was made to realize that sharing a story is not wrong, just that one needs to edit certain parts. The ones about the symptoms, feelings, pain, anguish, suffering etc. When we stress on this aspect more, we tend to attract more of the same. This has been a very valuable learning for me. So, the next time you decide to share your story, give the suffering part a quick glance and move over to happier times, the recovery, that is.

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I write this, as I carefully monitor my thoughts, sipping my green tea. It’s been long since I tasted coffee. Am I feeling bad? No way! Thank God for small mercies…….



  1. Absolutely to the point, Kavita!👍
    Perhaps this is the reason why the American Indians used to gather in a circle and listen to sb’s traumatic experience up to three times…. not four or more. … I assume in this way they helped him/her express the pain up to the point it would not turn back negatively to him/her….