Hi Beautiful!



So this is a letter I’m writing to my 16 year old self. It’s time for introspection with lots of affection.

Hi Beautiful,

Hey you, yes I am talking to you! Do you hear me? You heard it right when I called you beautiful. I remember you feeling unsure and insecure when you were 16 due to the superficial layers of talks and walks. A friend could easily talk you into gloom and a relative could carefully walk you to despair. All at the drop of a hat! And you battled all this alone. My dear brave girl, I am so proud of you. But today I am about to reveal some rather interesting facts about you that even you were not aware of at that time.

My sweet girl, your friendly nature won you friends albeit for a very short time. Those days it was more about keeping up with the peers. Now you were never interested in that and preferred books to friends. By friends I mean acquaintances. Even today a lot many stand confused by these two terms. Not everyone can be a friend and every friend does not start out as an acquaintance.

You did the right thing by choosing books instead of shallow friends. No regrets on that. But I wish you were easy on yourself, my girl. The days you spent in tears over useless things, I wish I could change that now. Your concern with looks ate up your precious years. Now when people compliment you on your looks, it all feels so foolish and futile. I want every teen to understand that growth is a continuous process and what others feel about your appearance is just their opinion and not your reality. You need to be realistic and not take every word at face value. Your dad taught you one mantra repeatedly as long as he was alive… “Nothing speaks like success.”

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You understood this when you topped the city in your 12th boards. Just that it was short lived for you were soon back into the self created dungeon. Oh how much dad tried to pull you out of it but to no avail? To the outside world you were a confident bold and daring girl but deep within you were a tired soul nursing wounds. You excelled in academics and made me proud. Love you for that.

Your decision to become a Psychologist was perfect, even though you were not encouraged to pursue it back then. You have always been a sensitive soul and helping people comes naturally to you.

If there is one thing I regret it is just that it took us such a long time to understand that a person’s appearance is not just about looks rather it is about his/her personality as a whole. The time that has gone by could have been put to better use. I want you to know that I love you for what you are and that is how it shall always be.

Forever Yours

As I write this sitting at my workstation, I am filled with immense pride and joy that I understand life better now and my Teen Ache is healed forever.