Friends for Life- You and Me


A single rose can be my garden… a single friend, my world – Leo Buscaglia.

Life is one long journey with turbulent turns and fantastic upturns. And when you have a gang of friends or just one special friend, life becomes all the more colourful. Friendship is like a flower, that needs to be nurtured constantly for it to bloom to its fullest.


I am a Zee Tv fan and never miss watching their daily soaps and weekend specials. When I saw the promos of their new show “Yaaron ki Baraat”, it warmed my heart. Big B(Amitabh Bachchan) and Shot Gun(Shatrughan Sinha), my favourite duo speaks about their glorious days and rekindle memories of their acting career. When legends become nostalgic, it is natural for their fans to feel it too. So here I am with my ink and quill armed with memories of my best friend whom I had met at work.

I had lost my only brother (An army officer) the year before and had joined this organisation to keep busy so that gloom would not bloom in my mind. On the first day I was introduced to Dinesh(let’s call him D) and found him to be very friendly and helpful. The others trouped in and soon we were a gang who were inseparable. I cannot call our boss lenient but he did try his best to behave in an overbearing manner which only made us more determined in our zest to live it up.


We had a “petty cash box” which was meant for emergencies while the big man was away, which we used to the optimum level in his absence as well as presence. There is a smile on my face as I write this piece. Every evening during the break we would ask the office boy to bring us burgers, pizzas, chips and coke. Oh and also pastries.  As we sat at the table ready to devour the contents the boss would appear and inquire “So the party is not over yet?” We could only nod with our mouths full.

One day D, who was our leader, ordered the refreshments when the big man was around and sipped the cold drink and pecked at the burger, rearranged the whole thing on the plate and sent it into the boss’s cabin for him to eat. Within seconds the boss was on the intercom exclaiming “Splendid stuff Dinesh, it is so tasty!” We were in splits with tears of laughter rolling down our cheeks.

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On another occasion we wanted to go for a movie and the big man was adamant, so D had a unique plan up his sleeves. He paged the boss with the following message “I am waiting for you at Tank Bund, don’t get late. Love, Anita.” The excitement on the boss’s face was evident as he rushed out in frenzy. We could not stop laughing but went to the cinema hall straight away without wasting any time. What transpired there is indescribable.


So we bought the tickets and the movie had barely begun when we heard a loud sound nearby “Thud.” Suddenly there was chaos everywhere and a lady was crying uncontrollably as she had fallen from the above enclosure. Apparently she had been trying to soothe her crying baby and had accidentally fallen over the edge of the railing of the box corner while trying to sit on it. The movie was stalled and we came back to the office to find an angry boss demanding explanations. It is another matter that D handled it with tact.

These incidents brought us close and soon D and I became close friends. We would accompany each other when either of us had job interviews. One day we had a tussle and when I refused to pick up his calls, D landed up at my office with a huge bouquet and a sad face. The boss, yes the same one, was not amused at this. D had quit the organisation a few months back and the big man had not taken it well. As the boss walked out of the cabin and approached D with a “what brings you here?”question, D was silent and smiled at the bully sweetly and gestured at the bouquet. I was embarrassed and tried to usher D out of the office. He went only after I had accepted the bouquet.

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In all my trials and joys, D has been by my side. This has only strengthened the bond over time. D does have his quirks like anyone else and some of them manage to ruffle my delicate feathers. D hates to be corrected, oh yes; he gets really mad at me if I try to do it directly. So I do it in a smart way indirectly without him knowing it at that time.


Did I tell you that we had bumped into our Bugs Bunny(Boss) a few years back at a supermarket? You should have seen the look of disbelief on his face when he saw us together. His first question was not “how are you both?” It was an exclamation, “What are you both doing together!!” And as D looked at me sheepishly, I answered politely, Mr. V, you would be glad to know that D and I got married a few years back. Well, Mr. V was like, “Oh so that explains the bouquet and D’s visit to the office that day.” And the three of us burst out laughing.


There are many such instances that I could pen here, but this much says it all. Oh and by the way did I mention that our friends have nicknamed us Bunty and Babli? Oh the funny things that we do. Not a dull moment when we are together.

As I prepare to sign off, I must mention, that I am looking forward to watching the show “Yaaron ki Baraat” on Zee TV. This show is one of its kinds as it brings together super stars of yesteryears that we have cherished and admired since we were kids. The promos are strikingly addictive and as one hears the stars talk about their funny and emotional moments, one can’t help but feel nostalgic. So don’t miss this show for anything in the world, mark your calendars for the 8th October, Saturday at 8 PM. Get ready for some real entertainment laced with nostalgia.

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