Dear Zindagi


Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself ¬ George Bernard Shaw.

Writing letter

It has been long since life and I have had a heart to heart conversation. Somehow life happens fast and one just bats with the hope of not getting out of the field. This habit becomes mundane and soon life sets into a routine. Dodging and jumping over hurdles and kissing success at times. One rarely stops to think about life and what it actually means to live, keeping aside the regular stuff.

Today I want to share what I have been harboring in the innermost corner of my heart. Being a girl is not easy especially a teenager. Looks seem to be of paramount importance during that phase (actually lifelong). I must admit that a good part of my teens were spent worrying about my looks and how the others perceived me. Though I was a city topper in my 12th boards, my fascination (read fear) with looks over shadowed the success.

Why and how did I end up wasting so many precious years has been my major thought ever since my elder son turned into a teen. He is a level headed guy with no airs about him, reserved and smart. Looks never entered the scene as yet and I know it never will. Being a psychologist, I must admit that I am extra careful when it comes to my sons. I look for signs to address and feelings to soothe. And to be honest there are not many, in fact hardly any signs or symptoms of the dreaded teenage parenting at my home. My teen son has taught me to accept things as they are and at the same time keep doing what you have to.

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I majored in Counseling Psychology and back then it was not common to study this subject due to the stigma attached ( dealing with mad patients). People were unaware about the difference between psychologists and psychiatrists! It was my dream to have my own practice someday and after all these years of feeling low on having chosen this profession, I have finally broken free of such defeating thoughts and am well on my way to fulfilling this dream soon.


Losing my only brother, a young Army officer at a very young age saw me broken and shattered for many years. When dad also passed soon after, life just stopped for me. I could not go on anymore. Years of grief manifested into health issues which turned chronic. It took me twenty years to come out of the grief fully and here I am back on my feet now , ready to take on life.

What I realized was that unless one feels the emotions fully, be it in the form of tears, anger or love, whatever, one cannot let go of the incident. And unless one learns to let go of the old, new cannot come in.


Last year I started my blog in the month of January and within a few months, things were looking up for me. I chose writing as a career and began to work as a freelance writer. Interacting with readers gives me the highest satisfaction, their feedback matters a lot. Writers are because of their readers.


Now when I look back, though I regret the time wasted over certain issues, I do understand their role in my life. How else would I view life with brand new eyes? How would I be able to guide others going through struggles in their day to day lives? The sheer joy of helping others is what keeps me going.

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Some tips from my book of life:

  • Love more and dislike less.
  • Choose love over fear.
  • Set a goal and work towards it.
  • Do what you can to make yourself happy.
  • Help others as much as you can.
  • Expect less and accept more.
  • Bury yesterday’s troubles and embrace today’s challenges with a positive attitude.
  • You can only do your best and leave the rest. Don’t worry about the outcome.
  • Go out of your house and breathe in life.
  • Ultimately, forgive more and travel light.


In fact, If I am able to touch and make a difference in even one life, I would consider my life well lived. After all you live only once, why not live it well?

Love You Zindagi,
Kavita Panyam

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