Thursday, December 14, 2017

First Steps Towards a Long Cherished Dream

It is said that dreams are just a thought away. This is how my younger son Eshan's dream of becoming a singer took birth. Blessed with a pleasant voice,...

Make Happiness A Habit

When you consciously make happiness a habit, you find that, there is less to complain about. Life is short and you are a limited edition, remember this. In...


Healing happens when you least expect it. So, let go and simply relax.....


Acceptance is all about brushing aside all reasoning and embracing the now, as it is. The struggle ceases and pain eases.

The Choice

If you wait for something,  to be happy Joy shall evade you often

Four Ways To Cope Better

Don't like something in your life? 1. Do whatever it takes to change it. 2. Do not fear change. 3. Simply accept it, for this too shall pass. 4. Count your blessings. Feeling better?...

Cheer Up

Being amidst greenery is all you need, to soothe a tired soul and an overworked mind.

The Emptiness

Everything may bring you nothing and yet nothing may bring you everything! Sometimes, Nothing matters!!

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