All That Was, Stays

Who says, it all ends when one person leaves Love has two threads that it affectionately weaves The connect remains even after the bond breaks Some lessons are not mistakes You may not be around That need not astound As you live in the heart Never to part Go on, my love Soar high We [...]


Is Arranged Marriage an Arrangement Built On Deceit?

Today as I came across an article on open relationships (read marriages), I could not stop myself from commenting on it. The writer went on the defensive and began to indulge in personal attacks. Now, this is a portal about real life relationships which is a bold topic and the writers that contribute such pieces [...]

How to Comfort and Support the Grieving – My story

Life and death are one thread, the same line viewed from different sides. Lao Tzu. Life should be recognized by its quality and not quantity. A well-lived life does not leave behind much regret. But birth is accompanied by death and that is the only reality one cannot change. What one does in between the [...]

How To Identify a Negative Pattern in Your Life, Break it and Claim Your Power Back?

How many times have you felt a similar situation being brought back in your life? Similar people, similar traits, and treatment, to name a few. You might have just gone on with it not knowing the underlying pattern. Yes, you read that right! There are patterns in our lives in various areas, such as work [...]