An Interview with Renowned Singer – Ramya Vasishta


In an exclusive telephonic interview with us, celebrity singer Ramya Vasishta answered the following fun questions.


  • What was your childhood like?

A: My childhood was a very happy one. I belong to Shimoga, the green belt of the Sahayadri region, also known as the literary region of Karnataka. My formative years were spent in and around nature, amidst greenery. My parents introduced us to music, theatre and dance at a very young age. My mother recognized my flair for singing and encouraged me to pursue it. I can proudly say that we were brought up in a very balanced way, appreciating life in totality.

  • Most memorable moment as a child?

A: My grandparent’s house In Shimoga had 3-4 mango tress which I loved. I would make it a point to be there during all my holidays and breaks. The greenery of the area fascinated me.


My Grandparent’s Home In Shimoga

  • What’s your favourite food?

A: I love south Indian cuisine, especially Malnad cuisine. Among my favourites are rava idli, akki rotti and pundi gatti. I avoid Chinese food.

  • Your favourite attire for parties?

A: Anything One Piece!! Leaving my hair open. (Bursts out laughing as she says this)


  • Your favourite casual clothes?

A: I prefer wearing shorts, T shirts and jeans when I am at home.

  • Your favourite author(s)?

A: If you ask me, right now I am fond of books written by the author Amish. His writing style is simple, leaving a lot for imagination, keeping you glued to the book till the very last page.

I also like Paul Coelho’s books, particularly, The Alchemist.

Amongst Kannada authors, I like Jogi, Dr. K. N. Ganeshaiyah, Bhairappa and Dr. Bendre.

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  • Your favourite stress buster?
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A: I feel, ultimately everything depends upon how you perceive things, as to how accepting, forgiving and liberal you are. When you are exposed to pain and setbacks, your vision expands and you can bounce back with a greater will power. If everything is always fine, and one is content, then there would be no desire to move ahead and learn more. I think laughing is my biggest stress buster. (Laughs out aloud as she answers this question)

  • Which do you prefer, coffee or tea?

A: I am a coffee person. I have actually learnt the art of making the perfect cup of decoction coffee. I prefer Arabica and avoid Robusta as I dislike chicory.


Ramya’s favourite filter coffee recipe

  • Your outlook towards life?

A: I feel that we were born, to fulfil our life’s purpose. We must make it a point, not to get bogged down by external happenings. There is a lot to do out there.

  • If not this field, which other field would you have chosen?

A: Definitely, Interior decoration! I prefer minimal furniture around the house. Less is more. There should be place on all the four sides of the cot to walk around, with nothing under it. Air circulation on all sides is very important. I dislike having a Television in the living room. My friends love the way I have done up my place.


  • What is your favourite pastime?

A: I like reading. I prefer to disconnect all electronic gadgets, keep away from social media, and simply be with myself, in quiet and peace. This “me-time” is very important for me.

  • Your favourite animal?

A: I dislike the idea of keeping pets at home. I like calves.

  • What’s your favourite place in your home?
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A: I love my living room with minimal electronic gadgets.


  • What is your favourite quote?

A: I like all quotes of the brand Tata’s! They talk about other important things and only at the end do they say the line, “and we make steel”! I find it very inspiring.

  • The funniest incident in your life?

A: There have been many, but the incidents during my college days are the best. During a class, one of our lecturers was explaining something very seriously, and gave an example, “we are all sailing in the same “shoe””!  I just fell off the bench and burst out laughing. To this day I break into one, whenever I recall it, when friends from college meet up.

  • Your favourite season?

A: I love the rainy season as it brings everything to life, and gives life to everything.

  • Which is your favourite song?

A: I like this particular ghazal sung by Mehdi Hassan- “Ranjish hi sahi, dil hi dukhane ke liye aa…..”

  • What irks you?

A: I have trained myself to rise above all this. But earlier, I detested Lying.

  • Your favourite getaway?

A: In the wild, amidst nature, anywhere across the globe. Even if Mars were green (breaks into peals of laughter)


  • Life is?

A: Life is a cycle, peddle it.

Life is a baby, cuddle it.

Life is as simple, riddle it?

Life is free flowing, don’t dare meddle with it!!

The conversation was full of life amidst lots of laughter. Blame it on our common sun sign “Gemini”. Ramya Vasishta comes across as a very warm person.  She is  beautiful inside out. A perfect example of beauty with brains.