An Interview with Cine-Actress Suman


Musings on life speaks to Actress Suman about her views on life and more…… on….


  1. Tell us something about your childhood?
    A: My childhood was fun. I was very active as a child, in studies, sports and cultural activities. I won a lot of prizes and made my parents proud and happy. I was enthusiastic to learn new things like painting, drawing and preparing sandwiches. (smiles as she says this)
  2. What inspired you to take up acting?
    A: While at school and college, I used to actively participate in English plays during annual day celebrations. My teachers always encouraged me to participate in various activities alongside academics as I was a good student. I was fond of doing advertisements and commercials as a hobby during my school and college days. I am glad that acting is my profession today.
  3. If not an actress, which profession would you have chosen and why?
    I would have been an entrepreneur. I want to create jobs and give opportunity for young minds to make a  better society.
  4. Do you think acting can be learnt?
    Yes, acting can be learnt. If you see all established actors during the initial days of their career and much later, it is evident that they would have improvised and honed their acting skills during that time period.


5. Which is your favourite song  and singer?
A: I love Gundesodi from the telugu movie- Chatrapathi. My favourite singer is Asha Bhonsle.

6. How do you combat blues?
I discuss my problems with my parents and this relieves my stress. I am an expressive person by nature. So, I chill out with my parents or my buddies.

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7. Your favourite food?
I like south Indian food. I love chicken curry and capsicum dishes cooked by my mother.

8. What’s your favourite attire at home and at social gatherings?
At home I wear cotton T-shirt and a casual pair of jeans and at social gatherings I wear a good pair of jeans and top, or kurti or sometimes a skirt with a top.

9. The advertisement that inspires you and why?
Kalyan jewellery advertisement which features Amitabh Bachchan as a school teacher meeting his old student shivraj kumar. Amitabh hesitates to ask Shivraj for his help in renovating the school. Shivraj being a responsible citizen takes up the work and gets the school renovated before Amitabh reaches the village. Emotions have been carried well and I find this very inspiring. I feel that kids should understand the needs of their parents in their old age even before they ask for it.



10. Who is your favourite author?
Sidney Sheldon.

11. Tell us about your daily routine?
It depends on my day-to-day schedule. If I have to report for a shoot, I wake up  by 5 AM and go as per the schedule. On the days when I am not shooting I wake up by 7 AM and start my day with a glass of water and little stretching exercises,  routine work, meetings, dance classes, badminton etc.


12. What makes you happy?
When I make my parents happy with my achievements.

13. What angers you?
Unorganized behaviour of people/team I work with. It angers me a lot.


14. A funny incident in your life which still makes you laugh?
There is one particular incident while I was in college. I was quite a shy person and one day I got to know that a guy wanted to propose to me. I never turned up at college for three days and my friends were amused by this.

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15. What do you prefer? Tea or coffee?
I have two cups of tea everyday without fail.

16. Hill station or beach?
I love greenery so obviously a hill station.

17. What touches your heart?
When people remember to show gratitude.

18. A girls best friend?
Mother and sister for me. I share a strong bond with them. ( smiles happily as she says this)

19. Your happiest moment?
When I was selected as the lead actress by  Mr. Sunil Kumar Desai, a thorough professional Director. On the first day of the shoot for the same film when Mr. Sudeep clapped the board and to make this entire sequence of  events special, I gave the shot in one take.

20. Life is?
I am too young to describe it. I just feel that we should take life as it comes with a positive outlook.

Actress Suman comes across as a very warm and lively person. Musings on life wishes her success in all her ventures.