It Will Always Be Only You


We share this beautiful bond
you are everything I want
there may be days of strife
always remember you are my life

Altercations may happen
spirits it may dampen
you may leave and I may brood
but my love, we would come back renewed

Some time apart will only do us good
to think and understand what we should
keeping in mind what we feel
for this bond remains sealed

If there ever comes a moment to decide
whether in each others hearts we reside
I know we won’t have to worry
our differences we would soon bury

So. remember these words my dear
we have nothing to fear
our love is soulfully true
It will always be only you

Kavita Panyam

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Kavita Panyam is a Counseling Psychologist by profession and a Freelance Writer by passion. She has won competitions in various magazines for slogan writing, reviews, Quotes, poetry, captions, Ads as well as many reputed blogger contests. Her work has been published in reputed magazines across India and abroad. She writes soulful poetry, inspirational articles and more on her personal blog She is an author at several well known E-zines, print magazines and is also a guest contributor to various websites.