The Core of the Shore

In the desert of the sands
Forgotten lies a love
Yet, time stands
Suddenly, melts the tough

From the treasure chest lands a soulmate
Is it possible to yet again assimilate
Time does the jig once again
Bitten and not the same

Lessons imparted and imbibed
Taken in stride
The sparks that fly
Meet mine

Someday will the light shine
Upon a weary soul that longs to chime
The winds, are you listening
Eyes longing

Hope stays alive
And the fight too
No more naive
I await my twin, true

Kavita Panyam


8 thoughts on “The Core of the Shore

      1. That’s a very noble thought, even if we are on different branches then I still hope that your branches sprout beautiful flowers (posts/writings) whose fragrance would enthrall people with the goodness of your thoughts πŸ™‚

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