The Back Of Beyond Beckons

Sometimes, the need to withdraw within is a must
In order to repair the inner crust
The layer that soaks in experiences
Protecting your core from disturbances

The retreat is a welcome change to a parched soul
That longs desperately to turn whole
Some time away from routine
Does a lot of good to a person’s self-esteem

The peace and the quiet act like a balm
As they restore the lost calm
A sense of belongingness, connecting with the source
Happens as the soul reaches the shores

The greenery and the gentle breeze
From bondages the soul itself frees
To feel the utter joy
Of just being alive

Solitude should be welcomed often
Allowing the inner self to soften
As one understands oneself better
Life forever feels like a tender love letter

©® Kavita Panyam.


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