A letter To the Common Man


Letters have always carried a piece of the sender’s heart to the loved recipient. And when it is a handwritten note, it adds that personal touch which is truly invaluable.

Superstar Amitabh Bachchan in his letter to his two granddaughters has detailed every aspect of how they should face life as girls-to-be-women.  Well, whatever his intention could have been, it sure has managed to stir the hornets’ nest.

When he talks about their prestigious surnames, he is right in one way that his future generations would enjoy special privileges. But to highlight that and connect it to women’s issues is utterly uncalled for! A woman is a woman be it the daughter of an icon or a common man. The only difference would be in the attention they would garner. Judgments on women are an age old practice and judgments for each class of society would be strikingly different. If you ask me, the icons daughter would be able to get away even with the most prominent bold acts, whereas a common girl would probably never dare to try such antics. Now I wonder if that is the area of the superstars concern?

On one hand he talks about setting boundaries, freedom to speak, dressing and choosing as per their taste and will, and on the other he talks about bringing change in the status of women in the society. The length of a skirt may not determine a girl’s character but it certainly says a lot about her attitude and outlook on life. Clothes were invented for a reason, weren’t they? With each generation, the size only seems to be shrinking. Maybe one day people would go back to being Adam and Eve.

The modesty of a woman lies in her clothing, this fact cannot be ignored. Girl’s flaunting their thighs and bosoms, are judged for their values. After all, a public show cannot go unnoticed. And if nudity is the order of the day, then why scream about unfortunate happenings? You can of course teach your sons to be level headed and turn their eyes away, but if your daughter is determined on displaying her assets in public, it is your moral duty to either teach her the basics of acceptable dressing sense or accept criticism. We anyways have our dear Adam and Eve to emulate, for those who talk about liberation and the like.

It is a known fact that man is known by the company he keeps. So even if your child is unlike his notorious peers, but just by being seen with them, he could get branded as one. Why? Because we live in a society! There are rules to be followed and abide by. Every country has its own culture and heritage. India is famous for its heritage across the world. Now whether the superstar is looking to change this or add his own bits, only he can say.

Coming to marriage, India is one country where marriages stay strong for long. There are exceptions of course. Is the superstar advising women not to marry due to societal or parental pressure, or for that matter not marry at all? A woman’s body goes through various changes at different ages and marriage at an appropriate time would ensure kids at the right time. Those who decide not to marry for personal reasons are not included in this discussion.

Man lives in a society; this fact cannot be ignored. And if we take the lower and the middle class, the thought of such liberation and emancipation is probably off their scope. Maybe they are happy as they are. By putting this view across, women who are not of this viewpoint would be compelled to think of such thoughts and follow suit, merely to avoid being judged as backward. Now whether by revealing, one is considered to be liberal or by being adequately covered, one is judged for her sound values, is totally based on that specific class. The upper class can get away with the barest minimum and goriest maximum. Is this a judgment? No way, it’s an opinion based on incidents and happenings.

Finally, Mr. Bachchan, your guidance is apt for the elite and not for the other classes, for the common man has no time to think of all these things as he is too busy in trying to make ends meet.

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5 thoughts on “A letter To the Common Man

      1. Even bare and dare is prevalent….leading to Stares and scares…… people are too busy turning modern.. ….ancient is not backward…..its just different…. traditional…..time people woke up to this…..thank you for your feedback😊

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