We Shall Meet Again



Do not say goodbye
For it seems like an end
Maybe we shall meet sometime
Across some unknown bend

The longing to be together
Has been like none other
But we have to part
Maybe to make a new start

Should I cherish your memory
Or hope to win you back
For you are now a trophy
Waiting to be stacked

My soul has bared it all
Unable to fathom the hearts call
The mind has set you free
Once again, there’s no longer you and me

Kavita Panyam

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Kavita Panyam is a Counseling Psychologist by profession and a Freelance Writer by passion. She has won competitions in various magazines for slogan writing, reviews, Quotes, poetry, captions, Ads as well as many reputed blogger contests. Her work has been published in reputed magazines across India and abroad. She writes soulful poetry, inspirational articles and more on her personal blog https://kavitapanyam.com. She is an author at several well known E-zines, print magazines and is also a guest contributor to various websites.