Dear God, ( A conversation between the girl child and God)

Dear God, You sent me into this world
With the same love as a male child
Why then, do I have abuses hurled
Upon me, so cruel and wild

I am just a baby, innocent and happy
Before my birth itself, people were unhappy
Is my gender, reason enough
To treat me badly and rough

Don’t I deserve love and care
Is the atrocity on me, right or fair
Speechless I watch in pain
As my family, commits shame after shame

They don’t want me, this I can see
Finding ways, to set me free
If this is what, I had to face
Why then, was I sent here, In the first place

Dear Child, I know your pain
I can see, you are hurt beyond repair
But that is just, as far as your thought
Have you forgotten, what I had taught

Just before you were born, I had blessed you
With love, compassion and all the abilities, true
Why then, don’t you take this as a lesson
Utilize your virtues and your load lessen

Your life here, is one of the many
To be lived, being steady
Lessons to be learnt and unlearned
In this, do not feel burdened

Dear God, now I get the gist
That, I am not a misfit
I just have to find my feet
On the soon to be changed, one way street




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