Writer Highlight Featuring: Kavita T Panyam

Thank you for this Honour, rajasinsight.com. Feeling awesome.

Creative Talents Unleashed

The Elixir Of Life

Red blue green black and white
Your attire colour and height
Of disparities and inequality
Such a pity

Children of one god
All equal in his eyes
Yet there exists hatred
Across the paths a few tread

Seclusion and limited rights
And innumerous racial fights
Exploitation and condemning
Sadly, this is just the beginning

Of an unjust world
Where unity is a far off cry
With abuses and curses hurled
And no intention to even try

To curtail this sin
For colour does not decide
Who gets to win
A place by God’s side

The elixir of life
When drunk with love
Can put an end to strife
And obtain his grace from above

© Kavita T Panyam 2016

Response to our Inspiration Call on January 31, 2016

Photo Credit: Pixabay/public Domain/Royalty Free Photos.

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