On The Same Side



She left her home
To make one with him
One that they could call their own
Where love would passionately swim

The days that went by
Were ridden with strife
And soon the foundation shook
Was this the first look

Wasn’t love eternal with no pain
Leaving one with a delightful glow
The lesson learnt was that one could grow
Only when both were on the side same

Copyright Kavita Panyam 2016

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Kavita Panyam is a Counseling Psychologist by profession and a Freelance Writer by passion. She has won competitions in various magazines for slogan writing, reviews, Quotes, poetry, captions, Ads as well as many reputed blogger contests. Her work has been published in reputed magazines across India and abroad. She writes soulful poetry, inspirational articles and more on her personal blog https://kavitapanyam.com. She is an author at several well known E-zines, print magazines and is also a guest contributor to various websites.