That First Look

It had been a normal day, in every way
Without any unusual sensation
Little did I know that you were meant to stay
Afloat, in my precious imagination

Introductions later, when our eyes met
Little did I know that your heart was set
That first look and my heart shook
Tender and soft, like the hero of my book

Days flew by and then one day
I sensed there was something you wanted to say
But, where were the stars and the moon
Oh, this was happening too soon

Affection and attraction differ
After all, a heroes gaze made one shiver
Were you the one assigned to my heart
Why then, was I hesitant to part

Love is much more than roses and wine
Brighter than the stars and their shine
A rock solid support cradling your soul
Completing you, in a manner whole


Image courtsey – Google Images

© Kavita Panyam. All Rights Reserved.


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