The most awaited moment
For something important
Impatience at it’s best
Apprehension concerning the test

Each minute weighing heavily
Walking slowly but not steadily
The goal seems far away
Uncertainty looms large every day

Fears have to be faced
However you are placed
There comes a time
When you throw caution and rise

Nothing to stop you
As you look at the view
As there is always another day
To find a new way





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Kavita Panyam is a Counseling Psychologist by profession and a Freelance Writer by passion. She has won competitions in various magazines for slogan writing, reviews, Quotes, poetry, captions, Ads as well as many reputed blogger contests. Her work has been published in reputed magazines across India and abroad. She writes soulful poetry, inspirational articles and more on her personal blog She is an author at several well known E-zines, print magazines and is also a guest contributor to various websites.