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Imagine a well laid out dinner table with the choicest of dishes! You can’t wait to dig into it. As soon as you reach for your favourite dish, you spot some insects hovering above it. What happens next? Your enthusiasm as well as hunger dies down for a while, till you get over this ugly incident. Now, imagine a beautiful house, with perfect exteriors, as well as, interiors! You have been invited to your colleagues house for dinner and you are excited as you ring their door bell. The door opens and a whiff of stale odour envelopes you. A mixture of odours from clothes, kitchen, their pets and more. You just wish, you hadn’t rung that door bell and can’t wait to leave.

This scenario is not an unfamiliar one. Scores of people are dealing with this problem, which worsens during the monsoon season. The damp clothes emit a strange smell, waste bins gather flies, shoes smell, cupboards stink, the smell of peat, being some of the problem areas. The very thought of entertaining guests at home during this time can be frightening. Added to this, is the woe of a messy house. During the rainy season, one may have to bring in damp clothes from outside and dry it under the fan, in a room. This gives out a bad odour.

The biggest challenge comes in, when cooking is done at home. When the aroma circulates in a badly ventilated house, it turns into an odour very soon. Even the rest rooms smell of it. Onion, garlic, ginger, cauliflower, cabbage are some of the culprits. Some other odours, like the smell of socks, when they are removed from the feet, after a long day, especially in summers, can be highly nauseating.

Now, it’s not like this problem cannot be fixed. There are ways to control odour from spreading. When you are cooking, switch on the chimney and open the balcony door so that the smell of the food does not settle inside the house. While it is easy to get rid of the smell in the kitchen, it is tough to remove the smell from other rooms, once it settles in. Ventilation plays a very important part in this. When you have to entertain at home, make it a point to freshen up each room, well before the guests arrive. Use air fresheners, remove waste from the bins, dirty clothes etc in to a place outside the home or in a different room and lock it, till the party is over. Keep your pets away, in a different room too. I use Ambi Pur air fresheners, liberally in my home and car.

Do not water your garden, just before your guests come in, do it earlier. When you have to dry your damp clothes under the fan, during the rainy season, remember to close the door of that room. This would check the damp odour from spreading into other rooms. Keep the shoe rack away from the entrance of the house, try and put it somewhere at the back of the house. If it comes to that, put all the culprits in one room and lock it, till the party gets over. Leash up your dogs in some corner, if you have a lawn, then it’s great, if not, then in some room.

One tip which is very important to minimize household odour, is to keep your home organized! Clothes and other articles scattered across rooms gather dust and pests, leading to odour. When things are in place and your home is neat and clean, there would be less to worry about. Clearing of garbage bins everyday, is another important factor. Keep your cupboards odour free by cleaning them regularly and putting in sachets of cupboard fresheners. So, small tips, when taken care of, can save you from a lot of pain.

I would like to add here, that Ambi Pur air fresheners come in exotic variants and do their job really well. I always make it a point to keep some in each room of my home, as well as my cars. It is quite easy to spray around the house and leaves behind a delightful perfume removing all odours.


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