My 100th Blog Post

It just feels like yesterday, when I had opened an account on  wordpress. Brand new, with no idea, as to how to proceed, for, things seemed so complex at that time. Hey, it’s been one month and three weeks since then!  And here I am, celebrating my 100th blog post today.

A few wonderful souls helped me in my journey, and slowly things became comfortable. Today, as I write this special post, there is immense happiness and gratitude. I would like to thank all my fellow bloggers and my readers for their support, without which this would not have been possible. Thank you!

How can I end this post, without a poem….here it is….:)

Hey, it’s time to raise a toast
For, this is my 100th blog post
Writing and interacting with fellow bloggers
Wordpress joggers and my readers

The initial days were crazy
Navigation was equally hazy

But, with help from some wonderful souls
I was soon on my way
Towards my cherished goals
Growing nearer to it, every day

So, here’s a huge, thank you
For it’s you who inspire
Allowing writers to pursue
Their hearts cherished desire


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