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CONFIDENCE– The most talked about topic! At the same time quite disguised too. How many people are honest enough to acknowledge their actual confidence levels? I have come across many people who admire others, secretly wishing to be like them. They wouldn’t feel this way if they knew that this trait does not have to an inborn one. There are introverts who are confident enough to be successful at what they do. And all extroverts are not necessarily high scorers at confidence levels either. If you have been shy and an introvert as a child, there is every chance of you out growing this phase and becoming more confident as you grow.

When you handle things in a positive way, with persistence and determination achieving success along the way, it speaks a lot about your confidence levels. By success, I don’t mean getting recognized by an award or clearing exams in merit, this obviously goes without saying that you are confident and successful. I am talking about your day to day life. Those with chronic ailments have a tough time going about their days activities. They may need assistance for the smallest of things. If such people are able to get by without seeking any assistance, it certainly raises their confidence levels. This is just one example, have you seen a toddler who has just started to walk, his face shines with joy and confidence at being able to walk around and explore things by himself.

I feel, it’s when you learn to face your challenges without wincing and looking for support, something you may have got accustomed to, that’s confidence for me. You have your important exams fast approaching and you are away from home, studying in a different city, without your immediate family, and you take it upon yourself to excel, work for it, and achieve your goal, that’s also a by product of confidence. Confidence levels can vary from time to time. It has to be worked at constantly. For someone who has seen the view from the top, it’s ingrained in his mind to sustain it and he automatically works towards it.

The ability to look ahead
Ignoring the feelings of worry and dread
With a clear focus and target
Not getting stuck in a rut

That’s confidence! what’s your take on this?


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