45 Quotes by Great Contemporary Writers no5

A must read for all.

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Let your thoughts go into history through great

  1. Picture 065“A ray of hope held out towards others catapults your own ambition to unthinkable levels” (Kavita panyam).
  2. “Ordinary people will do extraordinary things if they make the most of their blessings and opportunities. On the other hand, extraordinary people will end up doing only ordinary things if they waste their blessings and opportunities” Ngobesing Suh Romanus).
  3. “If you can’t love yourself, what happens when you try to love your neighbor as yourself?” (Ashley Wilson fellers).
  4. “If I can love myself, I am better equipped to love those who aren’t able or willing to love me in return” (Ashley Wilson fellers).
  5. “If I can forgive myself, I have good practice in forgiving my enemies, among whom I often stand.” (Ashley Wilson fellers).
  6. “If I can see beauty in my own mirror  – even when I ‘m feeling too fat or too thin, too old or disheveled or tired –…

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