The Right Writer

Who is a good writer
One who is a fighter
In this vast ocean
Most with a self conceived notion

Whether inborn or a learnt skill
A writer is one who can write at will
Everyone starts out as a novice
With an excited voice

Allow people their space
Don’t get so caught up in the race
For there is enough place
With people travelling at their own pace



6 thoughts on “The Right Writer

    1. While I agree with you here, I would like to put across another thought….Each person is different , their styles too…..just imagine a world where everyone was identical … would soon get bored…..accept this diversity. You have a choice anyways to read what you like, right? 🙂

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      1. Yes. Writing in itself is a pure joy .. And adding a diversity to it definitely required to convey your thoughts on different aspects of life. As i read ur comments and writings may be these thoughts have made u a good writer

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