Something More

What’s in it for me
Am I getting anything for free
Isn’t this what most of us feel
As if life were a business deal

Transactions all the time
Anything less would seem like a crime
Assuming that, in giving is receiving
There is no longer any meaning

In life, blessings also count
Many obstacles they help surmount
So if you ever feel, what’s in it for me
Remember that it’s a lot more than what you see



9 thoughts on “Something More

    1. It also asks us not to be selfish ,looking for our benefits all the time. When you give, you also receive, maybe not from the same person but from someone else. Blessings are our lifeline too, people wishing good for you when you help them, adds to your good fortune. Isn’t it?

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      1. correct. if you give and expect nothing in return you are te happiest . sometimes you need to serve to lead.
        blessing serves are positive catalyst to our everyday challenges is what i believe . what say kavita??

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