Smitten By You

Will you please be mine
And cherish me till the end of time
Love and care I promise you
All I ask is for you to be true

In each others hearts we belong
Together we shall sail along
Fulfilling our vows as we look ahead
Strengthening our bond entwined in a thin thread

For life itself is not permanent
Let us to each other be transparent
Striving to be at our best
Living life to the fullest

Never taking each other for granted
Remaining till the end enchanted
Will you please be my Valentine
I promise to cherish you till the end of time





11 thoughts on “Smitten By You

    1. Thank you for a wonderful feedback salwaadlyy ! This comes at a time when my blog is nearing the one month mark/milestone! Am really glad that you liked the poem. Hoping to see you often here.


I really appreciate your valuable feedback...

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