An Interview with Renowned Singer – Ramya Vasishta

In an exclusive telephonic interview with us, celebrity singer Ramya Vasishta answered the following fun questions.


  • What was your childhood like?

A: My childhood was a very happy one. I belong to Shimoga, the green belt of the Sahayadri region, also known as the literary region of Karnataka. My formative years were spent in and around nature, amidst greenery. My parents introduced us to music, theatre and dance at a very young age. My mother recognized my flair for singing and encouraged me to pursue it. I can proudly say that we were brought up in a very balanced way, appreciating life in totality.

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The Hunt for Pirate Blackbeard’s Lost Treasure

Children are fascinated by stories. Wide eyed and all ears, they listen to the story being narrated, very keenly. They are transported to an imaginary world immediately, living amidst the characters of the story.

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Suicide: More a Question than a Solution

It takes courage to grow up and become who you really are – E.E. Cummings.

So much has been spoken about life, its challenges and about doors stuck in its hinges. Let’s face it; every individual is here to learn from his experiences in the form of lessons meted out over various incidents. Many people are not adequately equipped to handle the crisis presented to them at various stages and situations in life. Added to this are the tough living conditions in the present times, where both the husband and the wife work to support their family. One of the major drawbacks of this situation is, neglect where kids are concerned. The challenges of meeting the household and work commitments can be overwhelming to an extent where after a long day; all they would want to do is unwind.

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O’Precious Mine

Do you remember?
The days spent in leisure

When happiness knew no measure

The childlike spirit flew in gay abandon

Basking under the bright golden sun
Do you remember?
The days when they became long

On our lips had died the song

That we once hummed together

While being with one another
I remember
The night as it freezes over

For the morning to recover

Not once but everyday

I wish there was a way
To bring back the time

Spent with you,  o’ precious mine
©® Kavita Panyam

Romancing Her Fantasies

She was hurrying past the busy vegetable market, when she heard a loud squeal “Apeksha Mathur, is this really you?” Clutching her purse tightly, she sprinted through the crowds, panic rising within her. She reached her car, flung her purse in and sped away. On the way back, while driving, her thoughts took her back to what once was.

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