The Last Romance

Love cannot be curtailed
As romance is hailed

He had not been her first love

Yet was much above 
His presence made her quiver

In delight and anticipation

Sending pleasant shivers

Like an invitation
In a short time

Life regained its shine

This romance 

Her only chance
To make memories

Away from her miseries

His eyes held her captive

Her willing heart equally receptive
This was not to be

Not forever

Her last romance it seemed

She would always treasure
©®Kavita Panyam

Friends for Life- You and Me

A single rose can be my garden… a single friend, my world – Leo Buscaglia.

Life is one long journey with turbulent turns and fantastic upturns. And when you have a gang of friends or just one special friend, life becomes all the more colourful. Friendship is like a flower, that needs to be nurtured constantly for it to bloom to its fullest.

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